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Reduce customer attrition while driving customer promotion

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Subscribe to our blog and get a free copy of
by Nicholas Webb



When it comes to customer experience, we wrote the book. In fact, it’s a number one bestseller!

As well as being a Global Top 50 Customer Experience Guru, Nicholas Webb, our founder and CEO, is the number one best-selling author of the customer experience book What Customers Crave. In this breakthrough book, he identified the importance of the emerging experience economy.

Amazingly, despite the fact that hyper consumerization is impacting every industry, most organizations have not yet built out a formal and robust infrastructure around customer experience design. This is unfortunate because there is no better way to drive sustainable growth and profitability than through the development of robust customer experience strategies.

Studies show that 9 out of 10 of the top brands in the world are leveraging customer experience design as their primary method of achieving sustainable growth and profitability.


We sell success.

Simply stated, our range of customer experience services will allow your organization to reach your market and your goals for customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. Leveraging our deep experience and keen insights, you can significantly increase customer acquisition at the lowest cost possible as well as reduce customer attrition.

 If you want to deliver the best customer experience, our team has the expertise, the research, and the practical approaches to get you to the top of your industry.

 Every plan that we create for our clients is fully customized. No two are alike. In addition to our full turnkey customer experience consulting services, we also provide a range of services on an à la cart basis to include:


  • Customer experience audits.
  • Customer experience gap analysis.
  • Customer experience leadership training and coaching.
  • Customer experience team training and call center training.
  • Mystery shopping.
  • Detailed recommendations on new customer experience innovations.
  • Comprehensive innovation workshops, training and Keynote presentations


Big body of fresh research.

Our founder and CEO is a prolific researcher. His body of research spans dozens of industries on how the best organizations are leading their markets. His number one best-selling books are used by universities and CEO alike. Nicholas has the ability to find unique emerging trends, and then applies his body of research to help leaders make those trends relevant. In the fast-moving disruptive marketplace, organizations need to partner with experts that understand the impact of emerging trends.

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a top 30 global guru in customer service, 5 years in a row.

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