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Significantly increase scalable growth and profitability


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Subscribe to our blog and get a free copy of
by Nicholas Webb



In today’s hyper-competitive consumer marketplace, where customer expectations are only getting higher, you must offer the very best in customer experience. And to achieve that, your people need the very best in training.

 In the old days, people talked about customer service. But customer service is limited. It’s transactional. What your customers want is a positive experience from the first point of contact to the most recent. That includes not only your salespeople but every aspect of customer interaction, from your social media program to the layout of your public spaces.

Nicholas Webb, our founder and CEO, is the number one best-selling author of the customer experience book What Customers Crave. In this breakthrough book, he identified the importance of the emerging experience economy. Through the LeaderLogic Customer Experience Training system, his expertise is available to every member of your team.

There is no better way to drive sustainable growth and profitability than through the development of robust customer experience strategies – and the industry-leading consultants at LeaderLogic can train your people so that they create positive customer experiences – the first time and every time.


We sell success.

We can train your people to achieve success every day and with every customer.

We offer customized programs for key performance areas:

  • Learn customer experience from the author of the number one best-selling book on customer experience What Customers Crave
  • National trade show keynote presentations
  • Customer Experience Hackathons
  • 100% customized on-site training programs
  • Customer Experience event training
  • Customer Experience event management and planning
  • Leadership and manager customized training and workshop
  • Executive Customer Experience coaching programs
  • Formal Customer Experience strategies that drive sustainable growth and profitability


  • Online training programs
  • Customized live webinars
  • Call center leadership and team training
  • On-site audits and site manager consulting
  • Call monitoring and auditing
  • Full range of completely customized training programs for all team levels


Big body of fresh research.

Our founder and CEO is a prolific researcher. His body of research spans dozens of industries on how the best organizations are leading their markets. His number one best-selling books are used by universities and CEO alike. Nicholas has the ability to find unique emerging trends, and then applies his body of research to help leaders make those trends relevant. In the fast-moving disruptive marketplace, organizations need to partner with experts that understand the impact of emerging trends.

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