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by Nicholas Webb



Innovation is a word that frightens many leaders.

To capitalize on this fear, many consultants put innovation into a special black box, as if it were something mysterious and exotic.

At LeaderLogic, we believe that innovation is the lifeblood of any organization. It’s necessary for survival – but with the right tools, it’s easier to achieve than you may think.

Let Nicholas Webb and his team of handpicked experts show you how you can leverage the power of innovation on a daily basis and in every area of your organization. We’ll show you how to capture the spark of innovation in your supply chain, in your products and services, in your human resource policies, in your sales and marketing.



We believe that innovation is “The creation of new value that serves your organization’s mission and customer.” Simple, isn’t it? We’ll show you how any idea that adds new value can be considered an innovation, even if your customer is never aware of it.

The challenge is in setting up an innovation pipeline that keeps the valuable new ideas coming day after day, year after year. We can help you meet this challenge and stay ahead of the competition.


Big body of fresh research.

Our founder and CEO is a prolific researcher. His body of research spans dozens of industries on how the best organizations are leading their markets. His number one best-selling books are used by universities and CEO alike. Nicholas has the ability to find unique emerging trends, and then applies his body of research to help leaders make those trends relevant. In the fast-moving disruptive marketplace, organizations need to partner with experts that understand the impact of emerging trends.

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