How to Ensure Your Innovation Message Hits Home

#innovationmandate Our family pet is a French bulldog. His name is Lucky. In their behavior, dogs of this breed are somewhat like houseplants: They don’t like to be too hot, too cold, or really too anything. They are known for range of common ailments, and as a result...

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How Maslow’s Hierarchy Relates to Innovation Leadership

#innovationmandate No matter how you seek to inspire through communication—with words, your appearance, or even with art or music—you need to address what people really need. People will respond most powerfully to what they value right now on the deepest level. This...

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How to Talk About Innovation

#innovationmandate Words are things – Maya Angelou There is perhaps nothing I find more surprising than the fact that many leaders are incredibly careless about the way in which they use language, particularly when it comes to innovation and new ideas. In its most...

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Bob Ross: Insights from the Unlikely Innovator

#innovationmandate We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents - Bob Ross Not everyone who innovates—and makes a difference to peoples’ lives—is an entrepreneur or chief innovation officer of a high-tech company. Here’s a true story that showed me just one of...

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Innovation Leaders: Where Do You Fit In?

#innovationmandate Here are a few examples of innovation leaders who consistently have stayed, or did stay, one step ahead of their competitors by inspiring those around them. They’re all very different people! Some are “high profile,” while others are low key. With...

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