Be Brave and Lean Into Disruption

#innovationmandate Disruptive leaders are brave. Their bravery is revealed by their absolute willingness to lean into their own executive development by accepting and even driving the changes occurring both with in their organization and outside in the markets and...

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A New Age Demands New Leadership Skills

Today’s innovation leaders develop a core competency around future trends. They don’t need to understand the endless minutia of every little emerging technology, consumer behavior, or economic shift.

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Know the Five Faces of Innovation Disruption

As with any concept, to understand disruption, and its power to either help you or damage you, it helps to break it down into manageable chunks. In the business marketplace, we see disruption emerging as an increasingly powerful force in five key areas.

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A Glimpse Into the Future of Health Care.

Number one how important is disruption to your organization. And the answer was Are you kidding me. Disruption is critical to our future. If we don’t understand and leverage disruption we will evaporate. And the next question was what’s disruption. Nobody knew how to answer the question.

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Your Frenemy, Disruption

In a recent survey, we first asked thirty executives if they thought “leveraging disruption” was critical to the success of their organization. Twenty-nine of the thirty executives indicated that leveraging disruption was critical to their success. Not bad! At least they recognized the concept.

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All things innovation.

The purpose of Insights is to give you fast and real actionable insights in the area of innovation, in the area of new product development, in the area of disruptive innovation, and really pretty much all things innovation. 

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